Aacer flooring

Aacer Flooring, a true northern hardwood flooring manufacturer for the residential, sports and recreational markets, sets high quality standards.  Their flooring derives from the forests of northern Wisconsin and Michigan – where rich soil, cold winters and short growing seasons combine to create the perfect atmosphere for producing dense hardwoods of unrivaled excellence and beauty.

Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring

Allegheny Mountain has found it’s niche in the flooring world by producing some of the highest quality rift and quartersawn flooring.

WD Flooring

WD Flooring, based in the heart of Wisconsin, produces some of the finest northern lumber.

Missouri Hardwood Flooring

Missouri Hardwood has been known for nearly a century for having carefully manufactured flooring from lumber harvested in the Missouri Ozarks and neighboring regions. They have state of the art equipment and take great pride in their attention to detail.

Missouri Hardwood Products

Their supplier is the beauty of the Ozark forest. The limestone soil base and Missouri climate offer ideal conditions for consistently tight grain wood. Maintaining a natural balance in these forests replenishes our valuable resource. And our passion for trees can carry on through untold seasons.

SPRINGcreek flooring

Springcreek Flooring is a leading supplier of kiln dried flooring products. Located in Missouri and northern Arkansas, their facilities produce quality Appalachian products. Each month, Springcreek produces nearly four million board feet of kiln dried hardwood lumber for U.S. and International markets, and manufactures approximately one million square feet of unfinished flooring.


Based in the heart of Missouri, Teckton exclusively manufactures high quality unfinished engineered hardwood flooring ranging from European White Oak and American Walnut to reclaimed Pine.

L&L Hardwood

L&L Hardwood Flooring Distributors, Inc is a leading Chicago based manufacturer of solid hardwood flooring, molding, stair treads and other solid hardwood components.